Our Children Are Listening – Encourage them to be Entrepreneurs!

(Guest Blogger – Mike Duguay, Director of Development, City of Augusta)

Our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and younger members within our community are listening to us!  That’s undoubtedly good news.  Unfortunately, they’re not hearing us say that being an ‘Entrepreneur’ is a worthy life goal or career.  Sadly enough, many of us are still telling our younger members in our community what our parents told us several decades ago; “Pick a safe career.  Don’t take chances”.

Frankly, what is occurring within today’s labor market would show something very different happening then when our parents gave us that career advice.  The fact of the matter is that mid-level corporate professional positions, white-collar jobs as we would call them, have been hit particularly hard in the past several years by the transition to the New Economy.  Jobs that once provided stable employment for decades, such as lawyers, bankers and utility workers have seen large scale reductions in their workforce.  There’s also evidence that with a true global economy and the ability to more easily utilize labor capacity from around the World, this trend will only continue to gain speed.  In addition, once considered as ‘untouchable’ professions such as government employees and school teachers, these have actually been hit the hardest in many jurisdictions throughout the country, with the worse prospects for job growth ahead of us in those professions for the foreseeable future!

Taking all this into account, it has never been a better time in history for someone to be an Entrepreneur.  As eluded to above, it’s just not as ‘Risky’ to be an Entrepreneur at this point in time.  In fact, one could actually argue that it’s actually riskier now more than ever to be entirely reliant upon someone else for a source of income and be in a profession where you’re just one person in a big crowd.

So what should we be saying to our younger people?  How about encouraging them to pursue an Entrepreneurial path in life?  How about having conversations around the dinner table about innovation and enterprise creation?  Why not encourage them to be their own creators of wealth? 

After all, they’re listening to us!



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